Our Roots Run Deep

At Blefari Wines...

Our story began in 1952, when Francesco Vincenzo Blefari
(known to most as Vincenzo Blefari) made a life changing decision to move from Calabria, Italy to the Adelaide Hills, Australia.

Little did Vincenzo know his decision to migrate across the globe would set the foundations for Blefari Wines…

Vincenzo’s decision to move from Calabria to settle in the Adelaide Hills was not easy, he was leaving behind his wife Maria Cristina and new son Saverio for what he hoped would be a better life.

Upon arrival to Australia, Vincenzo purchased a small parcel of land which he farmed and maintained in Carey Gully. It was his own slice of Calabria right here in Australia!

Five years later he sent for his wife Cristina and son Saverio to join him.

As the years passed their family expanded Vincenzo and Cristina together with their son Sam (Saverio) and his wife Rosie farmed the small parcel of land into a successful business growing fresh produce including lettuce, potatoes, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage and leeks. It was during this time that Vince Blefari joined his father Sam (Saverio) over 20 years ago as the third generation.

In the 1990’s as the Australian wine industry began its modern day resurgence, it was here Sam (Saverio) and Vince saw the potential of their property as an ideal viticultural site and began establishing the Carey Gully vineyard.